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John M. Dealy, Daniel J. Read, Ronald G. Larson
Structure and Rheology of Molten Polymers
From Structure to Flow Behavior and Back Again
2nd edition

        ISBN 9781569906118
610 pages
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List Price: 250.00 Euro
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Structure of Polymers, Polymerization Reactions and Processes, Linear Viscoelasticity - Fundamentals, Linear Viscoelasticity - Behavior of Molten Polymers, Tube Models for Linear Polymers - Fundamentals, Tube Models for Linear Polymers - Advanced Topics, Determination of Molecular Weight Distribution Using Rheology, Tube Models for Branched Polymers, Nonlinear Viscoelasticity, Tube Models for Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of Linear and Branched Polymers

Target Group:

Polymer scientists, plastics engineers, students, researchers, and academics with an interest in rheology or structure of molten polymers

Vikram Bhargava
Robust Plastic Product Design: A Holistic Approach

ISBN 9781569905807
344 pages
List price: 130.00
Our Offer: 90.00 Euro
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Causes of Plastics Failure, The Holistic Approac, Plastic Materials, Design, Tooling Considerations, Processing, Secondary Operations, Part and Tool Costs, Six Sigma Techniques in Plastics, Further Reading and Reference Material

Target Groups:
All technical and non-technical personnel dealing with any aspect of plastic product design and manufacturing

Matthias Wagner
Thermal Analysis in Practice
Fundamental Aspects

ISBN 978-1-56990-643-9
352 pages
List Price: 100.00 Euro
Our Offer: 70.00 Euro
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Introduction to Thermal Analysis, A Brief History of Thermal Analysis, Polymers, Basic Measurement Technology, General Thermal Analyiss Evaluations, General Measurement Methodology, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Fast Scanning Calorimetry, Differential Thermal Analysis, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Thermomechanical Analysis, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, The Glass Transition, Binary Phase Diagrams and Purity Determination, Polymorphism, Temperature Modulated DSC, Evolved Gas Analysis, TGA Sorption Analysis, Thermoptometry, Method Development, Overview of Standard Methods for Thermal Analysis, Index

Target Groups:

All needing a practical introduction to the important analytical technique of thermal analysis, including engineers, students, and researchers involved in plastics technology

Useful for:
Newcomers, inexperienced users, and anyone else interested in the practical aspects of thermal analysis.
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