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Maw-Ling Wang, Rong-Yeu Chang, Chia-Hsian Hsu
Molding Simulation: Theory and Practice
ISBN 9781569906194

532 pages

Extra: E-Book inside
List Price: 150.00 Euro
Our Offer: 100.00 Euro

Target Group:
Practicing engineers, students, instructors, and researchers with an interest in injection molding and its simulation

Useful for:
Practitioners that will innovate and improve part design and molding processes

Manfred Schmid
Laser Sintering with Plastics
Technology, Processes, and Materials
ISBN 9781569906835

218 pages
With E-Book Bonus
List Price: 89.00 Euro
Our Offer: 65.00 Euro

Introduction; LS Technology: Machine Technology, Machine Market; LS Process: Process Chain, Quality Assurance; LS Materials: Polymer Properties: Polymers, Key Properties of LS Polymers; LS Materials: Polymer Powders: Production of LS Powders, Evaluation of the Powder State; LS Materials: Commercial Materials: Polyamide (Nylon), Other LS Polymers; LS Parts: Part Properties, Applications and Examples

Target Group:
Students, researchers, engineers, designers, product developers

Randy Kerkstra, Steve Brammer
Injection Molding Advanced Troubleshooting Guide
ISBN 9781569906453

512 pages

With E-Book Bonus
List price: 150.00 Euro
Our Offer: 100.00 Euro

Troubleshooting Methodology, Troubleshooting Tool Kit, Decoupled or Scientific Molding, Mold, Gating Details, Hydraulics, Mold Texture and Polish, Venting, Machine Performance, Drying, Purging, Hot Runners, Cavity Balance, Cavity Instrumentation, Mold Cooling, Black or Brown Specks, Blush, Brown Streaks, Bubbles, Buildup, Burns, Cloudiness, Color Swirls, Contamination, Cracking, Delamination, Dimensions, Excessive Cycle Time, High Fill Pressure, Flaking, Flash, Flow Lines, Glass Fibers on Surface, Gloss Variation, Jetting, Part Sticking on Cover, Part Sticking on Ejector, Pin Push, Read-Through, Scuffs and Scratches, Short Shot, Sink, Splay, Sprue Sticking, Stringers, Voids, Warp, Weld Lines

Target Group:
Students, engineers, process techs, mold makers, researchers, and quality personal

Andres Wolf, Henrik Schunk
Grippers in Motion
The Fascination of Automated Handling Tasks
ISBN 9781569907146

328 pages

With E-Book Bonus
List Price: 40.00 Euro
Our Offer: 28.00 Euro

The Handling Process: Handling, - a useless Process, The Development of Handling Technology, What Drives Automation in Handling Technology? Handling and Production Technology Terminology; Grippers - The "App" for Robots: The Historical Development of Gripping Technology, The History of Robotics, Robots are Capturing the Markets; Getting a Grasp of Grippers 88: The Workpiece as a Starting Point, Gripper Fingers as Operating Elements, Gripper Hands, Transferring Forces, Gripping Ranges, Gripping Times, Gripping Situations, Grippers as a Source of Information, Gripper Selection, Gripping and Safety; Movement Adds Value: The impact of Movement, Making Movement Possible, Layout, Processing Workpieces; The Future of Gripping and Handing Technology

Target Group:
Practitioners in Production, Mechanical and Plant Engineers, Students and lecturers in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Process Engineering

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