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Natti S. Rao
  Basic Polymer Engineering Data
ISBN 9781569906491
  264 pages
  With E-Book-Bonus
  List Price: 89.00 Euro
  Special Price: 60.00 Euro (valid till 30   September 2017)
  Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers, Thermal Properties of Solid and   Molten Polymers, Transport Properties of Molten Polymers, Electrical   Properties, Optical Properties of Solid Polymers, External Influences,   Extrusion, Blow Molding, Injection Molding
  Target Groups:
  Beginners, practicing engineers, students, and teachers in the field of   plastics technology; scientists from other fields who deal with polymer   engineering
  Useful for:

  Solving practical problems in polymer engineering, via numerous examples
  Data reference


E. Alfredo Campo
Industrial Polymers

ISBN 9783446411197
192 pages
List Price: 99.90 Euro
Special Price: 60.00 Euro (valid till 30 September 2017)
Industrial Polymers provides a comprehensive and very practical overview of the various plastic materials used in today's industrial applications. Its focus is on material properties and areas of application. All industrially significant plastic families and grades are introduced following the same approach: their chemical constitution, manufacturing, properties, processing, and end use applications. The consistent presentation allows easy comparison of different materials for the reader and will help with the initial identification of suitable plastic materials for a given end-use.
Ample full-color illustrations are testimony to the fact that plastic materials are the ultimate tribute to man's creativity and inventiveness.
Gottfried W. Ehrenstein, Sonja Pongratz
Resistance and Stability of Polymers
2 Volumes

ISBN 9783446416451
1460 pages
List Price: 499.99 Euro
Special Price: 250.00 Euro (valid till 30 September 2017)

The stability and resistance of polymeric materials determine whether they can be utilized in a given application. Authoritative and reliable material information is needed during the material selection process and this information must consider the influences of material manufacturing, compounding and stabilization, processing, part design, use and subsequent disposal/recycling.
This book is based on the review of more than 1200 literature sources and represents a comprehensive overview of the current know-how regarding the stability and resistance of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers as well as the most commonly used reinforcements and additives.
Extensive tables document material resistance to given media, facilitating appropriate material selection or stabilization for a given application.

Arabinda Ghosh
Technology of Polymer Packaging

ISBN 9781569905760
136 pages
List Price: 39.99 Euro
Special Price: 25.00 Euro (valid till 30 September 2017)
Aimed at engineering students, engineers, and technologists of the packaging industry, this book provides the essentials of polymer packaging. It provides the reader with the knowledge and skills to identify and solve problems in packaging processes, and thereby develop functional packaging. Sales and marketing people involved in the packaging industry will also find this a valuable resource.

A short primer on polymeric materials and additives is followed by descriptions of the most important production processes for polymer packaging – both continuous and discontinuous. Further chapters cover technology of sealing and different converting processes of packaging webs. The clear, practical informational focus stems from the author’s extensive experience in the packaging industries and as an educator.

Ica Manas-Zloczower
Mixing and Compounding of Polymers

Theory and Practice
2nd edition
ISBN 9783446407732
1118 pages
List Price: 299.00 Euro
Special Price: 150.00 Euro (valid till 30 September 2017)

Finally available again in its second edition, this classic covers everything from the basic principles to the various practical applications of state-of-the-art mixing and compounding.

Part I: Mechanisms and Theory
Basic Concepts - Mixing of Miscible Fluids - Mixing of Immiscible Fluids - Dispersive Mixing of Solid Additives - Distributive Mixing - Distribution Functions and Measures of Mixing

Part II: Mixing Equipment - Modeling, Simulation, Visualization
Batch Equipment Simulation - Batch Equipment Visualization - Continuous Equipment Simulation - Dispersive Mixing Devices in Single Screw - Twin Rotor Mixers - Co-Kneader - Visualization - Scale-up of Mixing Equipment - Scale-down of Mixing Equipment

Part III Material Consideration, Properties and Characterization
Solid additives (inorganic) - Solid additives (organic) - Compatibilizers (mechanisms, theory) - Material Consideration for Mixing at Nanoscale - Effect of Mixing on Properties of Compounds - Effect of Mixing on Rubber Properties  

Part IV Mixing Practices
Internal Mixers - Single Screw Extruders - Twin Screw Extruders - Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders - Reciprocating Screws - Reactive Compounding - Farrel Continuous Mixer

Goerg H. Michler
Atlas of Polymer Structures
Morphology, Deformation and Fracture Structures

ISBN 9781569905579
612 pages
List Price: 249.99 Euro
Special Price: 150.00 Euro (valid till 30 September 2017)

Structure and morphology determine the properties of polymeric materials. This atlas provides, with over 2000 high-quality micrographs, a comprehensive overview of the structural/morphological diversity of all classes of plastics. All microscopic techniques from light microscopy through scanning and transmission electron microscopy to atomic force microscopy are covered.

Another focus is on the changes in plastics morphology occurring under mechanical stress, i.e. the deformation and fracture structures. The extensive visual material will help professionals in research and application fields to determine structure-property correlations of polymeric materials and also improve training and teaching in universities.

Tim A. Osswald
Polymer Processing
Modeling and Simulation
ISBN 9783446403819
633 pages
List Price: 179.90 Euro
Special Price: 150.00 Euro (valid till 30 September 2017)

This book addresses traditional polymer processing as well as the emerging technologies associated with the plastics industry in the 21st Century, and combines engineering modeling aspects with computer simulation of realistic polymer processes. This book is designed to provide a polymer processing background to engineering students and practicing engineers. This three-part textbook is written for a two-semester polymer processing series in mechanical and chemical engineering. The first and second part of the book are designed for a senior- to graduate level course, introducing polymer processing, and the third part is for a graduate course on simulation in polymer processing. Throughout the book, many applications are presented in form of examples and illustrations. These will also serve the practicing engineer as a guide when determining important parameters and factors during the design process or when optimizing a process. Examples are presented throughout the book, and problems and solutions are available.

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